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Limitations of the CUDA Front-End

The FPChecker CUDA fron-end is work-in-progress and has some limitations:

  • It doesn’t instrument header files (only source files: .cu, .cpp, .c++, etc.)
  • It requires using C++11
  • The capabilities to parse macros and commets is good, but not perfect yet.

Passing Strings to the Compiler

Occasionally one must pass quoted strings as compiler arguments. A common example occurs when adding definitions to the compiler command line:

$ clang++ -c file.cpp -DMY_STRING=\"version_0.1\"

which could be used in the program like this:

std::string s(MY_STRING);
std::cout << "Program version: " << s << "\n";

FPChecker will fail because the shell will remove the backslashes and FPChecker will get "version_0.1" as opposed to \"version_0.1\".

The solution is to escape both the backslash and the quote like this:

$ clang++ -c file.cpp -DMY_STRING=\\\"version_0.1\\\"