These brief instructions will help you get started to install FPChecker with spack.
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Spack is a package management tool designed to support multiple versions and configurations of software on a wide variety of platforms and environments. To get started with Spack visit:

Installing Using the Spack Builtin Repo

Spack comes with thousands of packages in its built-in repository. Assuming you already have spack running in your system, the following will install the FPChecker package that comes from its built-in repository:

$ spack install fpchecker

Installing Using the FPChecker Repo

As an alternative, we maintain a more updated version of the spack package in our own repo, which you can install creating a local repo. The following commands will create a local spack repo for FPChecker, will download the corresponding spack package file, and will install it using spack.

Create a local repo and add it to spack

$ spack repo create ./fpchecker_repo
$ spack repo add ./fpchecker_repo
$ mkdir ./fpchecker_repo/packages/fpchecker

Download package file

$ wget -P ./fpchecker_repo/packages/fpchecker/
$ ls ./fpchecker_repo/packages/fpchecker/


$ spack install fpchecker

Loading FPChecker

$ spack load fpchecker
$ which clang++-fpchecker